Chris Heine: Having a natural obsession for creating the Mood

I believe that a true source of knowledge is through experience.

During my study as a graphic designer in Utrecht I worked at Ottenhome in Loosdrecht for some extra cash. It was there that my love for water and the fascination of boats started. The sailing, the people and the ambiance it all spoke to me, I felt at home and was genuinely happy.

Moving on 

After my study and some time spent in the military I entered the advertising marketing arena but after several years I could just not get with the “rat race” mentality program. So I made the decision to quit and start new within the fascinating Dutch Maritime Industry. 

Starting out

My love for boats like the classic Dutch Rainbow ( Regenboog ) by G. De Vries Lentsch, the Italian Riva’s, or a 1970 Swan 43 even American Lobster boats tickled my nautical brain. I got an entry job at Arie Wiegmans where I worked hard for several years doing everything I could get my hands on ( and they let me do so ) After that I started working for a Yacht broker for several years until sadly the global crisis pretty much killed it. We hung on for some years at the brokers but after several takeover attempts etc. the plug was pulled. 

Starting over 

There I was, in the harbor jobless starring across the water….what to do. Yacht Service Heine was born. Love for boats means taking care of them right? So I started my own little company doing maintenance on yachts big and small. Again, I got my hands all over every single kind of boat big and small. Sailing with them, bringing them up to ship shape condition etc…

In the background 

The urge to create never left me and my visual graphic designers background evolved privately over the years sharpening my eyes through photography and film. Until…during a theatre performance it hit me! Here where two guys on stage telling a story pure and simple, and they had all the attention. At that exact point watching these artists ( and loosing the plot completely ) Mood Masters entered my thoughts. The very same night on return home I registered ( 2004 ) the domain name and started the company what it is today. Telling stories, visualizing the maritime industry. This for me, is the best of both worlds and I am passionate about it.

Moving forward

The Covid pandemic is among us, times have drastically changed but we must sail on. Having a clear “mariners” mind means even though things are tuff we adapt. Filming vessels on location or interviewing individuals requires that we must all keep government pandemic regulations into account.

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