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Chris Heine: Having a natural obsession for observing, creating and setting the Mood

I believe that a true source of knowledge is through experience.

During my study as a graphic designer in Utrecht I worked at Ottenhome in Loosdrecht for some extra cash. It was there that my love for water and the fascination of boats started. The sailing, the people and the ambiance it all spoke to me, I felt at home and was genuinely happy like a fish in water...

My relentless passion and ambition for filmmaking has allowed me to work for renowned Dutch and international companies. Today my focus is on creating video/photo content mostly for the Maritime sector. 

Maintaining the authenticity of your brand while taking a creative approach to telling a compelling story is my number one priority. I give 100% to every single client, and deliver the best possible quality for the budget!

The Covid pandemic is among us, times have drastically changed but we must sail on. Having a clear “mariners” mind means even though things are tuff we adapt. Filming vessels on location or interviewing individuals requires that we must all keep government pandemic regulations into account.

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